Shower and Bathtub Trends that will Transform Your Bathroom

For many people, the bathroom is their escape. A place they can go to relax, enjoy some quiet time, and leave the stresses of the world behind. A bathroom remodel is the perfect way to transform your space and create a personalized oasis for you and your family. Let one of these 6 shower and bathtub trends create transformation in your home.

Dedicated Shower Stalls: Rather than a combined bath and shower, many people are moving towards separate, stand-alone showers. Whether in the form of a roman shower with open sides and no curtain, or sleek glass walls, creating a dedicated shower stall can up the luxury factor.

Luxurious Shower Heads: Bring the spa into your home with showerheads and jets that let you feel the warm water from all angles. Rain showerheads, with a larger circumference, allow for an all-encompassing experience as large drops of water fall from above. The feeling of being out in a warm summer rain can create a tranquil, refreshing retreat in your own home.

Built in Jets: Adding built in jets to your shower walls or tub allows you to experience water pressure from all angles. In the tub, the jets provide soothing massage.

Wall Nooks and Niches: Built-in nooks and niches in your shower area can be the perfect solution for storing bath soaps, shampoos, lotions, and oils. Keep your bathroom organized, but your favorite products close at hand with built in cubbies or shelves that allow for easy access without taking up space on your shower floor.

Add a Seat: Adding a built-in bench made from the same material as your shower, or classy teak, can be a great way to add luxury to your large shower.

Statement Tubs: Showers are wonderful, but many people are not quite ready to leave the luxury of a good hot bath behind. Unusual or unique tub designs can bring a room to life, and add a focal point to the design. Freestanding or in the same area as the shower, the options for artful bathtubs are extensive.

Building an amazing bathroom is one of our specialties. We have helped many Pittsburgh area homeowners remodel the bathroom to meet or exceed their expectations. Bathroom remodeling requires specific planning and implementation of the type and placement of furnishings and storage you choose to use. Building the perfect shower is a matter of personal taste with all homeowners, and we believe your bathroom should fit your needs perfectly.

The team of builders here at Michael F. Whalen Contracting has helped many homeowners in the Pittsburgh area for more than 30 years. Give us a call at 724-335-8515 or contact us using our contact form if you would like to discuss remodeling your bathroom or assisting in your upcoming remodeling project.

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