Planning a 2019 Home Addition? Start Collecting Ideas Early!

Home additions can be tricky to plan and implement, but if you start planning early enough, you will be more than ready to tackle one when 2019 begins! There is a step by step process that we love, and you can follow it to make the planning process much easier on you now and in the future.

Here are 6 steps for you to follow as you start collecting ideas to plan your 2019 home addition:

Identify Your Objectives

The first step is to decide what you need your new home addition to accomplish for you and your family. You obviously need more space, but how will you be using that space? Will it fit your wants and needs? Can you improve on what you think that you need?

Compile a Scrapbook of Inspiration

This is the time to scour the internet and magazines to see which sections of rooms meet the requirements of what you want yours to look like. You can also gather ideas by taking tours at local open houses in your area.

Decide on Your Splurges

You probably already realize that you cannot have everything on your splurge wish list, but now is the time to decide which ones are getting closer to the top of your list. This will allow you to figure out how much money you will need for these splurges and see if you can save money in other areas to make them become a reality.

Consider Every Inch of Your New Addition

There are some things that you may need in your new space, but you do not realize it yet. This is the time to figure all those items out, because sometimes adding them in at the end is more costly overall.

Look at the Area Where the Construction Will Take Place

You may think that you have the perfect spot for your new addition, but you may find out differently once things get moving quickly. Now is the time to determine whether power lines or underground tanks are going to ruin your plans and what you can do to keep things on track.

Check Your Local Codes

Your local government agency, usually the town or city hall, is where you will need to go to check on the local codes that you will need to follow. This is a great time to visit the building inspector there and let them know of your plans. They may tell you that everything sounds good or let you know what changes need to be made in order for everything to be approved.

If you follow these steps, you will be ready to break ground as soon as the calendar flips over to the new year or shortly thereafter. Don’t be too concerned about any roadblocks at this point, because those are the reason why you are starting this entire process so early.

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