Considering a Kitchen Floor Change? This Information Will Help You Choose

For kitchen remodeling or building, the right flooring is one aspect that can take a while to work out. This is basically because there are many suitable options, but factors like foot traffic and the look of the kitchen will be big influences. Even your contractor will tell you that flooring is not always an easy decision, but the information provided below will be helpful.

Top Selling Points

Getting the right flooring for your kitchen starts with thinking about your needs. You want flooring that will not look stale in just a few years, but it should continue to look good while staying trendy. Major points to consider are:

  • Durability
  • Your floor plan
  • The visual style of the space
  • The cost of the material, especially in relation to the overall budget
  • How easy it is to clean and maintain

Common Flooring Options

Personal taste will also play a big role in material choices for remodeling projects, but this should always be balanced with practicality. Here is a look at a few of the most popular options,

  1. Durable and attractive, hardwood is a timeless flooring choice. With proper maintenance it can last for decades making it a money saver over time.
  2. This is a good flooring material when you do not have a big remodeling budget. It is easy to maintain and to keep it clean. Unlike tiles, there is no cracking when heavy cookware falls. One big advantage is that it is softer than other floor types, so it is easier on the feet.
  3. Porcelain tiles. These will give you a tough floor that will stand up to heavy foot traffic. Some types are expensive so they can pose a challenge if you have a tight budget. Installation costs can also run pretty high for larger kitchens. Porcelain tiles are stain and moisture resistant. Don’t let worries of cold tile prevent you from installing tile if that is what you want. Radiant heat flooring is very affordable and a wonderful option for Pittsburg area homeowners. Any flooring decision should include at least one environmentally friendly material, and cork fits the bill. It is made from tree bark, and offers good slip resistance in addition to having a softer feel than wood or tiles.
  4. Any of these flooring options is perfect for almost any type of kitchen. They all offer good long term value, and can suit even the busiest kitchen. No matter what type you choose, properly installed sub-flooring will contribute to longevity and stability.

Flooring is another interesting part of the job here at Michael F. Whalen Contracting. We’re located in New Kensington and provide remodeling services, including flooring, to many homeowners in the greater Pittsburgh area. Call us to schedule an appointment for a flooring consultation. You will be amazed at how much new kitchen flooring will improve the appearance and general atmosphere of your kitchen.

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