7 Reasons You Should Hire Professional Remodelers for Your Home

Especially with access to the internet and a myriad of TV shows and networks devoted to it, DIY remodeling is a huge trend today. The main advantage to DIY is the cost savings, but there are extensive benefits to hiring an experienced professional for your home remodel project. Here are seven great reasons to hire professional remodelers for your home.

  1. Realistic Planning: With DIY projects, most homeowners are relying on best guesses in terms of time and money. Underestimating the time and work that goes into a project can cause the project to take longer, which can be extremely stressful.
  2. Budgeting Expertise: Budgeting can be hard, and using estimates can sometimes backfire in a big way. Professional remodelers are experts in estimating the quantity of materials like tiles, paint, flooring as well as the number of specialty trades needed to complete a job.
  3. Navigating Requirements: Building, electrical, and structural permits may be required for your remodeling job. Professional remodelers know what’s needed, how long they’ll take, and how to get approved quickly the first time, as well as how to schedule any needed inspections.
  4. Avoiding Mistakes: Because it’s what they do day in and day out, professionals are more likely to be able to do it right the first time. They are able to avoid errors that might be common to a less knowledgeable person while working quickly and efficiently.
  5. Saving your Time: One of the hardest things in DIY remodeling is the feeling that you don’t have enough time to get done all that needs to get done. You’re adding a major project into the already-full schedule of your life. For a professional, this IS their livelihood. If the project takes longer, they’re able to work without getting behind in other areas of their life.
  6. Added Value: Professional remodelers add value that DIY just can’t provide. Ordering the correct materials & quantities the first time, ever time, sometimes with job site delivery, prevents multiple trips to the store. Work is often guaranteed or warrantied.
  7. Staying Safe: Even with research and planning, DIY homeowners are not experts in remodeling. Accidents can (and do) happen that can sometimes result in serious injuries. From load bearing walls to remembering to turn off electricity before working to wearing the proper safety gear, professional involvement insures that safety is a priority.

Don’t get me wrong, the Internet is a pretty amazing tool for people who enjoy DIY projects. We’ve enjoyed having Pittsburgh-area homeowners help out with projects that they aren’t comfortable tackling completely on their own because it gives them a sense of pride that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

The team of builders here at Michael F. Whalen Contracting has helped many homeowners in the Pittsburgh area for more than 30 years.

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