5 Tips to Keep Your Relationship Solid during a Kitchen Remodel

We aren’t going to lie; kitchen remodels are tough. Yes, it an be exciting sitting down to plan a brand-new kitchen with all those new shiny appliances, but the work and time involved can be pretty intense. Add in a spouse or a partner, and you may have some serious issues to deal with at the same time.


Here are 5 tips to keep your relationship solid during a kitchen remodel:

Stick to the Budget

Money issues are the top problem with couples during a kitchen remodel, or any other type of renovation. To keep relationship problems from creeping up during your kitchen remodel, you are both going to want to stick to your budget no matter what.

Discuss Other Topics

You are both going to want to talk about other topics as your kitchen remodeling project is taking place. After all, you don’t want this project to consume your entire lives and it will if you let it. Therefore, go out, have fun, and talk about anything but countertops and new flooring.

Communicate Honestly

Communication is always key during remodeling projects and so is honesty. You are both going to need to be honest on how much things cost as well as what you have each selected. This is going to save a lot of trouble at the end, when the other person finds out that you chose a granite countertop when they wanted soapstone, or you picked out something really expensive and the budget is now shot.


Remodeling is stressful, and it is going to be necessary for you both to take deep breaths and relax. It is not going to help to yell at one another or say something hurtful. Instead, calm down and talk to each other calmly until the problems are solved.


Compromise will be the word that you hear the most during this remodel, as you both have a say in what the kitchen will look like. You both cannot get everything that you want in the space, so you will each need to give up things that you like.

Kitchen Remodeling in New Kensington

Following these five tips will allow your relationship to survive your kitchen remodel intact and you will have a new kitchen that everyone loves. Call us if you’re considering remodeling your kitchen in the relatively near future. We’ll schedule a consultation and discuss all of your kitchen remodeling ideas in detail.

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